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Guðmundur´s birthplace, the farm Miðdalur (approx. 1920)


A highland expedition, late 30´s, Lydia leads. Photo G.E.

Ascending Mt. Ýmir in Tindfjöll. Photo G.E.

Painting in Kerlingarfjöll. Photo NN

Painting at Hofsjökul Ice Cap. Photo NN

A good salmon catch and geese/duck hunt - around the late 30´s. Photo NN

Fjallamenn Alpine Club in Kerlingarfjöll 1938. Guðmundur first row (middle) and Lydia to the right. Photo NN

Guðmundur polishing his sculpture of a polar bear with a cub. Photo NN

Guðmundur forming a bust. Photo NN

Guðmundur and Lydia with fellow travelers in Eastern Iceland. Photo NN

Guðmundur and his sculpture of Jean Sibelius, now found in Helsinski - two copies are in Reykjavík. Photo NN

The Icelandic State receives a sculpture as a gift from the artist (1956). Photo NN

Guðmundur on Fimmvörðuháls Ridge. Photo Lydia Pálsdóttir

Guðmundur og sir Edmund Hillary in January 1954. Photo NN

Guðmundur with his kajak above Gullfoss. Photo Lydia Pálsdóttir

Guðmundur in his sixties. Photo Helga Fietz

Base Camp of the Fjallamenn Alpine Club in Tindfjöll. Photo G.E.

Guðmundur riding in front of Vík í Mýrdal. Photo NN

Guðmundur in his atelier (1934). Photo Willem van de Poll

Guðmundur in his atelier (1934). Photo Willem van de Poll

Guðmundur in his atelier (1934). Photo Willem van de Poll

Lydia in national costume. Photo: Jón Kaldal

Guðmundar and family in the summer house Lynghóll 1958. Photo L. Steinauer

Pabbi, mamma og amma

Lydia, her mother Theresia and Guðmundur, around 1930. Photo NN

Halldór Laxnes and Guðmundur at the writer´s home - Auður Laxnes in the entrance. Photo NN

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